Happy Memorial Day

I decided to introduce my new blog site today, a day that means a lot to me, as we remember our Heroes.  Heroes are not in comic books, and they are not make believe characters.  They are those that have lost their lives, serving our Country, and protecting our Freedom.  God Bless America!!  Thank you to those that have served, and that currently serve, including the men and women that put their lives on the line at a local level as well: Our fireman, and our officers of the law, to name a few.

My blog will be a place where I can sit in My Paper Room, which also serves as my sanctuary and therapy room, where I can share my creativity with you, as well as the joys in my life. They will not be political and they will not be rants.  They may include some vacation fun, or some fun with my nieces, nephews, and my family in general. They may include pictures of Lexi, my only “child” and my 4-legged best friend. I promise not to overwhelm with personal stuff, but just sayin’ that it might be intermingled every now and then.  I hope you enjoy it as I continue to grow, and continue to share.

Love, Bobbi

The photo below is of a Memorial Weekend event that I try to participate in every year at the Topeka Cemetery.



4 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Congrats on your blog. Lovely card and great layout – really like your banner…nice and soothing just like your therapy room title suggests…

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